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Cat Grooming

Learn about our dog grooming solutions here.

Commonly, cats are thought to be self-sufficient in keeping themselves clean. Yes, their coarse tongue does aid in the neatening and cleaning of their hair; however, it also produces dander (owner allergy trigger). Just as with dogs, our feline friends can benefit from regular professional grooming to enhance not only their appearance, but their comfort & health as well. Regular professional grooming will help combat dry, flaky skin, clean up a greasy coat, help keep excessive shedding under control, as well as reduce the occurrence of hairballs. Routine grooming performed by a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) aids in the early detection of abnormalities that may arise throughout the life of a cat. Early detection leads to prompt veterinary care so that your kitty continues to be healthy and in tip-top condition!

Don't forget to make your appointments for Upcoming Holidays, Spring Break/Fall Break, and School Breaks. Make your appointments NOW! You can always fine-tune your dates later, but those days fill up fast. So don't wait... decide on your dates and book them soon by making a reservation!

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