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We offer bathing services here at "the ranch" both for dogs who are boarding as well as for dogs coming in just for a bath. Whether your dog is needing a bath, a light trimming of the feet, feathers and potty patch, or a nail clipping and filing we are able to offer it to you. Because of our bathing schedule it is important to call ahead as far as possible if you are an outside client, particularly around holidays and during the busy summer months.

Bathing for "The Ranch" Guests
After a stay that includes lots of fun and play, we'll send your dog home looking their best and smelling fresh! We offer a selection of bathing services through our grooming salon and can schedule an appointment for you that coincides with your pet's departure.

Each of our below bathing services are finished off with a bandana or bows and cologne!

Note:  If you are boarding and need to pick up in the afternoon, you may want to consider having your pet bathed or groomed. You will not be charged for boarding that day and you will be greeted by a great smelling, soft and shiny pet for the car ride home! We offer bathing and grooming services by appointment only.

Special Notes
The above note also applies to Sundays! Since Sunday is such a popular pick up day, our groomer is in on Sundays for your convenience!

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Don't forget to make your appointments for Upcoming Holidays, Spring Break/Fall Break, and School Breaks. Make your appointments NOW! You can always fine-tune your dates later, but those days fill up fast. So don't wait...decide on your dates and book them soon!

Dog Bathing at “The Ranch”

Bath & Brush

  • Massaging bath.
  • Drying with a specialized high velocity dryer designed to fluff and pull out loose hair.
  • Thorough brush out.
  • Complementary pedicure and ear cleaning.

Bath & Trim All of the above, plus:

  • Paw and pad trim
  • Potty path
  • General neatening where needed

Grooming Add-Ons (additional to the grooming charges)

  • Pedicure without a bath
  • Mineral Foot Soak
  • Nose/Elbow/Pad Butter Cream
  • Flea Shampoo
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Blue Berry Facial
  • Shed Less Program (Special 3 step bathing de-shedding process that decreases shedding 60-85%)