Dog Activities at "The Ranch"
Our Fun Activities to Entertain Your Pet While You Are Away

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    Nature Walk - A 15 minute stroll or romp, on-lead, with a human Pet Pal. Whether your pup likes to run and wrestle; walk, sniff and explore; or enjoy a more sedate walk and a tummy rub, this activity offers fresh air and one on one personal attention.

$5 per 15 minute session

*NEW* Romp & Run - A 15 minute outdoor play yard romp, off-lead, with a human Pet Pal to play and run with them. Favorite toys, frisbees, and tennis balls encouraged here!

$5 per 15 minute session 

   Cuddle Time - A 15 minute indoor time dedicated solely to your pet. Our Pet Pals will sit with your "lap" dogs (no matter what size they are) or your kitties and snuggle, massage, rub ears and tummies or scratch rear ends. Our goal is to let them know they are loved!
$5 per 15 minute session    

   Pet Flick - A 15 minute session cuddled on a couch (or bed on the floor if not allowed on furniture) in our quiet TV room with a Pet Pal watching our feature movie of the day such as 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, or The Aristocrats to name a few. If your pet has a favorite, let us know!

$5 per 15 minute session

   Senior Stretch - Designed for the older pet, our Pet Pals will work with your senior pets to help keep them limber to prevent stiffness. These sessions may include walking either outside or in the kennel, or a slow walk on the doggie treadmill. The session consists of 5 minute walks 4 times a day. We break these into 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon according to your pet's needs.

$7.50 per session    

    Jog-A-Dog (Doggie Treadmill) - This activity is great for helping your pet to exercise in a more controlled manner anytime during the year, regardless of the weather. With varying speeds and varying inclines, it's perfect for everyone from the energetic puppy to the sedate senior citizen.

$7.50 per 15 minute session

Potty Walks - This activity is for the dogs under the age of 7. It consists of 10 minute walks 4 times a day. We break these into 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

$12.50 per session

Special Treats

Peanut Butter Kong - A size appropriate Kong stuffed with peanut butter. After licking off the peanut butter on the outside of the Kong they are kept busy getting the peanut butter on the inside. It's kind of a treat and an activity all rolled into one! $2.00

Pupsicle - A yummy frozen doggie treat. Dogs love them! $2.00

Frosty Paw - Doggie ice cream to enjoy anyday. A great cool treat! $2.00

Biscuits & Gravy - Biscuits in Beef Gravy. Perfect for brunch or a late night
snack. $2.00

Kitty Cocktail - A special tuna and kitty treat combination for our feline friends! $1.00

Chicken & Rice Casserole - Homemade chicken and rice with gr
een beans. $4.00